Great LengthsGHDNioxinWellaSystem ProfessionalSebastianTigi
Great LengthsGHDNioxinWellaSystem ProfessionalSebastianTigi
ShellacBio SculptureDecleorLash PerfectSt TropezEllipseOPIStudex
ShellacBio SculptureDecleorLash PerfectSt TropezEllipseOPIStudex
Day Spa
Hair Removal

Eye Treatments
Eyebrow shape £10 Reshape £15
Eyelash tint £15 Eyebrow tint £15
Eyelash & eye brow tint £20 Eyelash, brow tint & brow shape £30
Eyelash perming £45

(All tinting and perming treatments require a patch test 24 hours prior to first treatment.)

Lash Perfect - The totally natural look and feel
Full set £70 Infill (within 3 weeks) £30
Individual eyelash extensions that only you will know they are not real! Last for weeks. Ideal for holidays, special days and every day!

Eyebrow shape £10 Lip £10
As chemicals or heat are not applied to the skin, it reduces the chances of skin irritation and inflammation. The hairs grow back finer after threading. It can get rid of smaller, individual hairs as well as groups of hair. Prevents pre-ageing skin. Drains trapped toxins and eases facial tension.

Lip or Chin wax £10 Underarm £12
Eyebrow £10 Full arm £18
Face £22 Chest or back £20

Bikini £12 1/2 leg (inc. knee) £16
Brazilian £18 3/4 leg £20
Hollywood £24 Full leg £26

Laser Treatment

Acne from £50
Sun damaged skin from £50
Collagen facial from £50
Face thread veins from £50
Skin rejuvenation from £50
Test shot from £30

All prices are subject to a free consultation, prices start from the above.

Put an end to slow, messy & painful methods of hair removal.

SPT+ Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes.

Using the latest technology in hair removal the Ellipse Light SPT+ system is clinically proven to reduce unwanted hair by 80-95%.
This method has significantly longer lasting results than waxing.

Course of 6 treatments are recommended - Consultation required prior to first treatment.
(£30 - refunded on purchasing a course of 6)

Single 6 Treatment Courses 3 Treatment Maintenance Course
Nose / Earlobes
Fingers / Toes
Nipples / Navel pubis
£40 £190 £110

Upper lip / Peri-anal
Cheeks / Chin
Hands (inc. fingers)
Feet (inc. toes) / Sideburns
£60 £290 £160

£70 £340 £190

Bikini line / Neck
Upper lip & chin
£90 £430 £250

Lower or upper arms
Shoulders / Abdomen
Upper lip, chin & jawline
£100 £480 £280

Chest / Buttocks
Beard / Half face
Hollywood (inc. peri-anal)
Lower leg
£110 £530 £310

Thighs / Full arms
Full face
£160 £770 £460

Full legs / Full back
£200 £960 £580

Women's full body
All/any of: legs, arms, bikini line (any), navel pubis, underarms
£400 £1920 £1180

Men's torso
All/any of: chest, abdomen, full back, shoulders, upper arms
£500 £2400 £1480

Men's torso
All/any of: chest, abdomen, full back, arms, underarms, full legs, buttocks, peri-anal, bikini line (any)
£740 £3550 £2200

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